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1/2 of Boudoir sessions including hair + makeup. June Boudoir special.

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1/2 BOUDOIR SPECIAL THROUGH JUNE: I was just looking over some of Trinity’s recent boudoir images, and now I am so INSPIRED and dying to get back in my studio after being out on maternity leave for the last couple months!!!!

My next couple weeks just opened up completely due to cancellations and reschedules, so I’m going to offer an AWESOME DEAL to get YOU in my studio!!!

1/2 off a session including hair + makeup!!! $175 TOTAL FOR SHOOT AND STYLING.

**( does not include prints/albums/products )

I only do deals like this a couple times a year, so take advantage. This is good only for June!! I know it’s short notice but if this is something you have been wanting to do, NOW is the time  please “share” with your friends!