Susie Linquist Photography | Purveyour of Beauty

I shot my first wedding 8 years ago and first started working with Susie in 2012. While I’ve taken photos my whole life, I didn’t get serious about it until a decade ago…and can safely say it was the best path I could’ve taken myself down. I haven’t looked back since! I went back to school to earn my degree in photography, to make sure I learned everything I needed to know to get the right images for any future client. When it comes to photographing weddings, I like to consider myself a ninja, of sorts. Your wedding day is your day, and while I love being a part of it, I want you to enjoy it with your family and friends, while I unobtrusively document all the moments, big and small.   I love being able to capture the candid moments when you think no one is looking, or when you’re not even aware of anything other than what’s happening right in front of you – – watching your new husband dance with his mother, watching your soon to be wife walking down the aisle, watching your daughter cut the cake with her new husband. The day goes by way too fast, and my job is to document all of it,so that after the dust settles and you’ve had a chance to breathe, you can sit back and look at all of those little moments that add up to one giant memory.

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