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Allred family session in Kure Beach. wilmington nc beach photos

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Beth was referred to me by Laura ( who is marrying Benji this October ).  I was thrilled to get the call from Beth and even more excited to work with them when she was asking about a hair stylist and discussing wardrobe 😉  I knew she was putting a lot of thought and preparation into our session together and that inspired me to come up with some new fun ideas… and indeed I did.  Nothing crazy, and of course sticking to my usual candid way of photographing families, but I was just a bit more inspired going into this session knowing it meant so much to the family!!

I had a really hard time narrowing down the teasers because we caught SO MANY precious moments!! I know they will look back on these photos in one year, fives years, twenty years, and be so happy that they have memories together as a family on vacation! That’s why I love what I do 🙂