Susie Linquist Photography | Purveyour of Beauty

I first experienced the power of boudoir photography when I decided to do a shoot as a gift to my husband for our 5-year wedding anniversary. I wanted to do something special for him, of course, but I wanted to step outside my comfort zone and learn something new about myself, too. When I was prepping for my shoot, I tried on lingerie for the first time. Ever. I literally had nothing sexy in my closet up until that point. In fact, I never felt sexy. Pretty? Yes. Cute? Yes. But sexy? Not even a little bit.

That all changed about halfway through the session. By the end, I honestly couldn’t have cared less if my husband ever saw the photos. I realized that the experience wasn’t about him – it was about me. Me reconnecting with myself. Me feeling amazing. I was so inspired that I decided then and there to have boudoir photography as part of my business, and I’ve been doing it ever since. Boudoir photography fills my heart because it is my chance to help women discover or rediscover themselves. During the viewing portion of the day, I am constantly hearing a client say “Is that me?” or “I’ve never felt that beautiful!” while watching the photos fade in and out on the screen, and that is why I do what I do.

Seven years and two children later, I am planning my next boudoir shoot. I’m now a mother, wife, and business owner, and I know that doing another session will help me capture the beauty of who I am today. That’s what I want to do for you, too. Because I know for a fact that you are beautiful right now. Not after you lose 10 pounds, not after you are tanned or toned, and not just because you have some one to give your pictures to. You are beautiful – and I can’t wait to show you so you can feel it every single day.

The time is now. The reason? For you. Let me capture some of your most beautiful moments.

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