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A candid message about boudoir photography. It’s all about the experience!

I have a lot of info on my website for preparing for your boudoir shoot in regards to what shoes to wear, what lingerie to bring, etc.  but I don’t really speak candidly about the experience, and I want to scratch the formality for a bit and tell it like it really is:)

So many women come up with the idea of doing a boudoir shoot as a gift for their husbands, boyfriends, partners, etc.  Very few women come up with the idea of doing it for themselves.  Once they start getting ready for their shoot, they start to realize it isn’t just for their lover, but something they have needed to do for themselves for a long time.  Maybe you have children and you have a hard time finding time to shower, let along get your hair done.  Maybe your husband is in Iraq and you need a reason to get out of your yoga pants and put on a pretty dress.  Maybe you already know you are gorgeous and you just want to have fun and be pampered.  It doesn’t matter who you are, or why you are doing this.  I want you to embrace the entire EXPERIENCE, and own it!  I know many of you are scared about your cellulite (EVERY woman is ), I know you might not like your arm fat, or your freckles, or your legs or your toes.   I also know that once we start shooting, you’ll forget about your cellulite and you will feel like a freaking rock star! I know this because I did it. ( and I promise to hide all of that scary stuff anyway )

Especially for the mom’s out there, how often do you look at your toes and say “man, I really need a pedicure.”  And how long does it take to actually get it?!  After my session, I felt like a  beautiful and brave women. I felt strong and powerful and inspired. I felt classy, sexy and HOT…. and I still had the anticipation of giving him the gift.  HE LOVED IT. Of course he did.  But I loved it more.  I still look at my photos 4 years later. I have them hanging in my master bathroom and I love them.  I will do another session someday.  I’m sure it will “be for him,” and I’m sure I’ll love them even more:)

I say all this because I want you all to embrace this experience. How often do you really take time out for yourself.  This is not just about the beautiful album you give him at the end, but it’s about the experience, and who it brings out in you.



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