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A lovely boudoir session. Ms. C

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I especially love these photos, because Ms. C said to me several times that she is awkward, and has never felt sexy.  During her editing process I saw nothing but beauty and grace. She was anything but awkward! It is amazing how we look at ourselves and see something so false, so untrue, and not even close to reality.  We see these things because of things people have said when we were young, the way we might have been treated at some point in our lives, or because of the completely false idea of beauty we have in our minds from the media.  So many things.  During Ms. C’s viewing, she cried.  This happens often. I actually have tissues sitting in front of the viewing screen.  It blows my mind when I work with an absolutely gorgeous woman, and somehow, she is seeing her beautiful self for the first time through my eyes.  All I can hope, is that after the session, this is only the beginning, and that she starts to see herself  this way through her own eyes, and a little more everyday.

Hair + Makeup by Amy Kennison