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Danielle and Grant’s Wilmington engagement session

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Can I take a minute to tell you guys how important I think engagement sessions are? If you have already heard it, then humor me and keep reading . I hear all the time that you want to skip the engagement session and just stick with the wedding day pics for numerous reasons; you don’t need save the dates, you are uncomfortable in front of the camera, you feel silly posing in front of camera for an hour, and the list goes on.

Let me now tell you why I think it’s so important, not necessary, but important. I know it might seem impossible for one hour together with your photographer could make that much of a difference, but IT DOES! I always leave the session feeling so much more connected to my couples. We go from strangers to friends in 60 mins. Knowing we are going to spend all day together on your wedding day, which sounds better to you? hmmm…

2nd, In addition to just getting to know each other, you get to know how I work as a photographer. Every photographer is different, has a different approach to posing, and wants something different out of their clients in order to reach the specific goal the photographer has in mind. I am not just in this for pretty photos, I am in this to tell YOUR STORY. By seeing how you naturally fall together during your engagement photos, and by you having a better understanding of how I do things, together we are able to more easily and naturally create the best photos on the wedding day. I am not just talking about posing either. I am talking about the hundreds of candids I’ll be taking all day long. After having this “practice” session with me, you will be more able to relax and just do your thing, trusting that I will document you in the most beautiful and flattering way.

So…If you are on the fence about doing an engagement shoot or not, hopefully this post will help you make a more educated decision 🙂 Like I said, it’s not necessary, and we will still create amazing photos on your wedding day if you choose to skip it, but if I had the choice, I would go for it 😉