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Happy Birthday Jackson!

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Jack’s birthday party was a hit!  It was a little stressful and a lot emotional, but it was all worth it 🙂  This party was definitely more for me, than Jack… I’ll admit it 🙂  I actually stopped calling it “Jack’s Birthday Party” and started calling it “In celebration of Jack Day.”  This way I could go all out on decor and also serve adult beverages without feeling too bad 😉   That said, Jack had a blast, and I definitely look forward to doing this every year!!!!

I had so much fun with the decorations and food planning! I ordered a super cute and very bad cake for the adults and older kids, and I made a very healthy and delicious cake for Jack!  His first cake was a gluten/dairy/sugar free carrot cake… and he loved it!

Check it out!

I found the theme for the party on Etsy! All of the decorations were DIY printables. I had so much more fun putting this together, than going to the store and just buying some decorations! I heart Etsy 🙂  Chickabug is the Etsy store I purchased them from. Be sure to check out their work!

I love the peanut butter and jelly fishy sandwhiches, and so did the kiddos!!!  It was so much fun making them AND eating them 🙂  As for the boat and starfish, I was looking for some centerpieces for the tables and I went to bed, bath and beyond to look for dishes and I found a bunch of beach toys that were perfect to fill with snacks and put out on the tables. It was my fabulous associate and friend, Trinity, that came up with the idea of putting the chips in buckets! I fell in love with that idea immediately! Best part is we get to reuse all this stuff at the beach! Yay for cute decor and being green!!!

I had sooooo much fun putting together these little party favors for the kiddos!!  I was important to me that the toys would actually be used, and honestly, who doesn’t love bubbles and a twisty straw! :P)

The little hats were made by my extremely creative niece! I LOVE them! So much better and more comfortable that hats with elastic from the party store!

And finally the birthday boy!!!!!  How cute is he, seriously?! Thank you Aunt Erin for the crown! It was purely a miracle that he wore it the entire time he ate his cake 🙂

Huge thanks to all of my friends and family who helped with the party and came to celebrate!  All of you moms out there know how important the first birthday is!