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Happy Mothers Day. Love and Gratitude : )

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After a much needed night of sleep, I was awakened on my first mothers day by my husband sneaking in to grab his wallet from the night stand so he could go to the store and buy all the food to make me a wonderful breakfast.  My eyes were barely opened, but all I could see was my baby boy in his arms wearing a red and white striped onsie and a huge grin.  My first Mothers day is filled with much joy and emotion.  “Mothers Day” has always been a day of gratitude for having a mother that loves me so much and whom I am so incredibly grateful for.  But now  I get to be be grateful not only for my own mom, but also because I have been given the chance to be someone else’s mom.  This gift brings me more happiness than anything else ever could.  I know everyone celebrates their mothers on this special day, as do I… but just as importantly I celebrate my baby, for giving me this opportunity to hold such love and joy in my heart.

I love you mom for not only being an amazing mother, but for inspiring me to be one as well.  Your unconditional love, patience and faith in your children will carry on for generations.  It does not stop with us.  I love you so much and you are an amazing women.

Because posting without photos is no fun, below is my all time favorite photo of my mom and I.  I am guessing I was around 4.  I can just feel my mom’s happiness in this photo, and nothing is better than that : )

And, of course I had to include a photo of Jack and I.  The reason I get to celebrate this day.  The reason for my happiness.  I love you sweet boy!

Lastly, I have to say Happy Mothers Day to All the mama’s out there.  Whether you have your own children or care for other’s, you are beautiful and your children are blessed.  I am very very happy to finally be a part of the mommy club.  : )  Something I will NEVER take for granted!!!