Portrait and Wedding Photography Mentorships with Susie Linquist


Whether you are a newbie wedding photographer, a mom who wants to take better photos of her kids, or a seasoned pro looking to make more money and get more bookings, It would be my honor to work with you.  I have been a professional photographer since 2004 after graduating with a degree from Kent State University.  I have been photographing weddings for 12 years,  in Ohio, California, and now North Carolina.  Since then I have mentored many photographers, and it is so fun to watch them grow into not only artists, but successful entrepreneurs, as well.    I love photography, but I also LOVE business, and I love helping people make a living doing something they love.  I can still hear my dad on repeat saying to me “Find something you LOVE, and find a way to make money at it.” For me that was photography, and if that is your thing too, I would love to help you take your skills, or your business, to the next level!


Susie Linquist Photography | Purveyour of Beauty

Open Discussion V.1.


One on One phone meeting for 1 full hour to discuss the topic of your choice.

This could include but is not limited to

  • sales and marketing
  • getting more inquiries and HOW to book them
  • workflow
  • Or more technical photography topics: camera settings, lighting, posing…


Susie Linquist Photography | Purveyour of Beauty

Open Discussion V.2.


One on One in person, or Skype meeting to discuss your business in more depth.  You would be surprised how fast an hour can fly by when you are inspired and really learning!  Let’s meet over skype ( or in person if you are local to Wilmington), grab a cup of coffee, and really dig into all the questions you have.  This is a great way to get more organized in your business.  We can discuss all the topics in V.1, as well as spend time discussing and finally solidifying a solid price list, creating an organized workflow, or anything else you feel like is missing from your business.


Susie Linquist Photography | Purveyour of Beauty

Open Discussion + Location Shoot


This is perfect for all photographers.  Whether you are a mom wanting to take better photos of your kids, or you are a business owner looking to build your portfolio and your clientele, we will completely customize this to suit your interest.


With this program you will get two solid hours in person with me over lunch, to discuss anything you want.  I can provide you with a lot of info in 2 hours!  Following our in person meeting, we’ll spend two hours together shooting with live models, and finish the day with a 1 hour photo critique! I have mentored many photographers over the years, and critiquing was the most important ingredient to their growth.  Looking through the images and understanding what could make them stronger, is the best way to improve your skills as a photographer.


A few things we’ll cover

  • Finding great light at any time of day
  • What lenses to use and when
  • How to flatter any body type with the right pose
  • Ways to help clients feel more relaxed
  • How to get your clients to have fun and look natural
  • How to find a beautiful backdrop anywhere
  • One hour photo critique following the shoot


Susie Linquist Photography | Purveyour of Beauty

The Full Wedding Photography Program; from start to finish

—This is open to local photographers, and those wanting to travel from other cities and states.  All of our work together will be done in one day, making it very easy for those of you driving or flying into Wilmington to work together!


This is great for any level photographer, whether you have been in the business for a few years, or are just getting started.  I love photography, but let’s be honest, we need to make a living, too!  With this package you will get 4 hours of sit down time to discuss everything you need to know to run a successful wedding photography business.


The discussion portion of this will include 3 one hour sessions, broken down into categories: marketing to and booking your ideal client, preparing and shooting the wedding day, and post production. The final hour will be a critique from our personalized day of shooting together.


Some of the things discussed will be:


  • How to find, market to, and book your ideal client
  • Creating a solid price sheet customized to your business needs
  • Workflow from start to finish, along with tips that ensure you are giving your clients what they are looking for.
  • How to create a wedding day timeline for your clients
  • What gear to use and when to use it.
  • Critique and how to strengthen your portfolio to show what your ideal clients want to see


The shooting portion will include both an engagement session, and styled wedding shoot.  I will provide a bride and groom, bouquet, and professional hair and makeup.  These photos will be perfect for your portfolio! Following the shooting portion we’ll do a one hour critique of your photos.


Lastly, One week following the shoot, we’ll meet on the phone for 30 mins for you to ask me anything you feel like you need a better understanding of, or anything you just want to dive deeper into.  At the end of this session, I want you to feel confident in growing your business and staying inspired along the way!


3 payments of $1000

or pay in full for $2495