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One year old twin portrait session in Wilmington NC

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This One year old twin portrait session in Wilmington NC is filled with not only a beautiful family, but one that reminds you to trust, have faith, and gratitude for your life and your loved ones.  I worked with Lindsey Brook and her husband Chad on a maternity session at fort fisher several years ago.  Lindsey was beautiful and glowing.  After I sent her the photos I didn’t hear back for a few days.  Shortly after I received a message that they had lost their baby boy at 33 weeks.  As you can imagine, Lindsey Brook and Chad were devastated and heart broken.

I got a call from LB a few months ago telling me that she and Chad tried again, and were blessed with not one, but two healthy baby boys!  They were calling about working with me for their One year old twin portrait session in Wilmington NC.   I had thought about this family many times over the years, so it was incredible news to get this call.   I got to meet and photograph these sweet boys and document this beautiful family that is so happy and in love.  I am so inspired by this family’s strength and grace.  I hope viewing their photos brings you a smile as you witness their happiness, and also gratitude for the loved ones in your life.  They have shown me to remember even during the darkest times of life, that there is always a blessing waiting in the darkness.  We just have to be patient, have faith, and trust in what is in store.

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