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I had the pleasure of meeting the beautiful and super sweet Jennifer Pate during a photoshoot with my very talented friend Robin Seigel. Jennifer and her husband are both extremely talented and driven, and both have created something beautiful through their craft. Jonas Pate is the writer and director of the new Netflix series, Outer Banks, and Jennifer has her own on-line series, Feel Ageless. Needless to say, the talent in this family, matches their beauty on the inside and out.

When Jennifer approached me about taking photos of her senior boy, Cooper, and also of their family, I was thrilled. I couldn’t wait to meet them and see them interact together. This is when I love my job the most. When I get to meet really awesome, kind, inspiring people, who have followed their passion, and allowed that passion to create a life of their dreams. It is such an inspiration to me and these are the people I admire most in life. Such a great reminder to work smart, and know that you can manifest any life you want if you are willing to go after it.

Stay tuned for more photos of Jennifer in future blogs, as we’ll be collaborating again soon, and I can’t wait! Until then, big congrats to Cooper and all the seniors out there!