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Planning your Wilmington NC engagement session

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Planning your Wilmington NC engagement session can be a lot of fun.  It can also be very overwhelming.  The outfits, the location, the “look” and then of course just the nerves of being in front of the camera! Trust me, I understand! The number one thing to remember is that if you trust your photographer, then you are in good hands.  If you are still looking for a photographer, this is a good thing to keep in mind.  Some photographers take a lot of posed photos, some prefer more candid.  Talk to your photographer and discuss which option is best for you.  Our style is definitely a mix of candids and posed photos.  Even with the candids we guide you through the whole process. We teach you at the beginning of the engagement session how to pose, and things you can do that are natural and look great in photos.

As for what to wear, this is where blogs and Pinterest really come in handy.  Look at other engagement sessions and see what you like!  You might love formal but that’s not really your style.  I say the most important thing is that you are comfortable, meaning what you are wearing is something you would normally wear.  I also suggest avoiding black if you are doing any kind of natural backdrop, such as the beach or a grassy field.

Lastly, consider getting your hair and makeup done even if you never wear makeup.  A good hair and makeup artist can make you look natural but will help make your features pop in the photos.  I always recommend Makeup by Amy Kennison for makeup, and simple curled hair, and Jamie Warzel if you want more dramatic hair styles.

Below are a few shots from a recent session I did.  This shows how much variety we can get in one shoot. I love to mix in romance, laughter, fun, and creativity to create a beautiful variety of images.  We always have fun on our engagement sessions, and it’s a great way to get you comfortable in front of my lens, and get to know each other before the wedding day.