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Surprise Vow Renewal

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I am having THE most fun at my job lately. I am getting to work with some really amazing people. People who know how to LIVE life. People who LOVE and understand what really matters most!

5 years ago I met this family when I photographed their oldest daughters’ Senior Pictures. A couple years later I got a call from Dana, it was time for daughter #2 to graduate. During both of those shoots, Dana kept saying she wanted to do a family photoshoot. Fast forward 5 years later and I get a call from Angela ( oldest daughter). She said that she and her sister were surprising their parents with a Yacht vow renewal and trip to celebrate, and she wanted me to come document. It was SO MUCH FUN! There was so much excitement, love, and lots of gorgeous photos to be made. Here are a few of my favorites. Beautiful families like this, really remind me of what is most important in life!