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A journey back with film. Wilmington family photographers

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When I started my journey in photography I was 100% a film shooter.  I used a medium format Bronica camera, and I had two lenses.  I photographed every wedding this way for two years.  Then came digital photography.  I got caught up the instant gratification, the ability to easily manipulate photos, and the zero upfront cost since I didn’t have to purchase film.  It has been 12 years since I dusted off this camera, and the only thing that has changed is my appreciation for a single photograph has grown much stronger.

I ventured out with my children because I wanted this experience to be fully for myself.  A way to be inspired just for me.  Usually when I photograph my children I take about 20 photos per minute in order to capture all the little parts of them just being kids.  During this outing I had to be much more patient.  I had to focus more clearly as I was using a manual focus camera, and I had to get it right the first time.  I only had 30 chances instead of unlimited, so I was much more careful, patient, and present.  I almost forgot how much I enjoyed the anticipation of waiting to get your photos back from the lab.  For the last ten years I have uploaded photos at my leisure and been able to print them immediately.  I have waiting 10 days for these scans, and they were worth every single second.

I love my kids. I love the chaos, and the craziness, as well as the sweet and still moments.  I feel like I was able to capture all of that in these photos, and I will surely be showcasing these on my walls.


Take a peek….

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