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I am having one of those mornings… a morning that comes around a lot lately. One of those mornings where you have to pinch yourself because, Really?? Is this really my life? What have I done to be so blessed. I am sitting here with my sweet baby boy ( who is now busy playing with the remote control ) while I quickly jot down these thoughts so I can later look at it later( on a day where I am not seeing things as clearly ). I am looking at my son with complete awe. I never would have dreamed another person could bring me so much absolute joy. There is no better way to explain it. I am truly filled up for the first time in my life. I always felt like something was missing… until now.

But that’s not all. I had the glorious opportunity to sleep in until 9am today!!! Why, because I am married to a man that gives himself to our marriage 100% and shares ALL of the parenting joys and duties with me 50/50. He woke me this morning ONLY because he had to leave for work. I am sure that one of the reasons I love wedding photography, is because I want everyone to get to experience the kind of happiness, fun and fulfillment that I get out of having a true partner for life.

But still, that’s not all. I am inspired by all of this gratitude and that inspiration will be put to use today while photographing LeeAnn + Matt’s wedding, here in Carolina Beach, NC. Waking up the day of a wedding is always exciting. Another opportunity to capture love, emotion and LIFE! I live for emotion. It feeds me. I love laughter, but I also love tears because you can’t have one without the other. I am so honored and so blessed to get to spend my “work days” creating art out of people’s memories.
In just a few short hours, I will have my toes in the sand and a camera in my hands, LIFE IS GOOD!

I hope you are having one of these days, too. If so, I would love to hear what makes you “pinch” : )

To end this post, I am going to share with you a slideshow featuring the work of the wonderfully talented Dana Jackson Photography. It is very clear in this video why I am so happy : ) Add in the husband and the dream job, and I am pretty much living the dream!

Susie and her Boys

Dana, Thank you again for giving me these lasting memories of, honestly, the best time in my life!!! You are so gifted!!

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